Keeping Your Teeth White

Before we get into this information, it’s important to know that just because you have white teeth does not mean you have healthy teeth. A study performed by Glenview dentist – Dr. Thomas Bordignon, showed that the majority of patients who had whiter teeth actually had more problems than those with a darker shade of white.

There are several ways of keeping your teeth white. First and foremost, you should always avoid the exposure to or consumption of products such as tea, red wine and coffee that stain your teeth. In case you opt to consume beverages that satin, you should consider using a straw so as to avoid your front teeth from coming in contact with the liquid. Always rinse or brush immediately after you have consumed stain causing foods or beverages. It is also important that you always follow good oral hygiene practices by brushing your teeth at least two times every day and flossing at least once every day so as to remove plaque.

You should also consider touch up treatments to keep your teeth white. You may need a touch up every six months or after one or two years depending on the whitening method used. You may need a touch up more often in case you frequently smoke or drink lots of beverages that cause stains. You can also keep your teeth white by scheduling regular dental appointments so as to have your dentist clean your teeth professional. Doing this will assist you to spot any cavities, maintain good dental hygiene and keep your teeth white and healthy. Always remember to consult with your dentist before trying any product for teeth whitening so as to ensure that does not affect your teeth negatively.

It is also important to consider eating some foods which can help you to keep your teeth white. For example, eat more celery, carrots and apples because they are like a veggie and fruit toothbrush for your teeth. They assist to increase the saliva production your mouth hence removing plaque. Also eat more strawberries and hard cheese, and consider rinsing with a glass of half warm water and half lemon juice once every week.

Taking the plunge for breast augmentation? These FAQs will help you!


Breast augmentation involves using breast implants to increase size, change the shape and restore volume. Learning about breast augmentation is relatively difficult than learning about other surgeries due to the lack of knowledge among most peers and doctors alike. Breast augmentation caters to a niche audience and requires thorough research before you can take the plunge. Here are a few common questions asked about breast augmentation.

Are breast implants safe?

“The biggest concern of women considering breast augmentation as an option is safety,” says Dr. Edwards of The answer is, not completely. The US Food and Drug Administration has approved of saline and silicone breast implants but there are risks involved like:


2)Breast pain


4)Lack of nipple sensation

Silicon vs Saline implants?

Both the implants have their own pros and cons. Silicon is considered more like natural breast tissue and is prefilled with silicon gel, it can be performed only at women aged over 22. Whereas saline implants are empty sacs filled with sterile salt water. One of the benefits of using saline implants are that the size of implants can be increased/decreased based on the clients need by simply using a syringe to maintain the fluid amount.

What is the best size for you?

Before you decide to make changes to your physique the first query that hits your mind is what will be the best size for you. Surgeons can help you make this decision by their understanding of aesthetics and body proportions. Huge breasts which attract eye-balls are a passé as clients and doctors both agree that a size which fits the body proportion is the best choice. A size out of proportions can lead to clothes not fitting and also not being able to do exercise/rapid bodily movements.

How much do breast implants cost?

Cost is a very flexible concept when it comes to breast augmentation as various factors such as the fee of your surgeon, your locale, the kind of facilities you require and others. However, an estimate shows 3,695$ is the national average fee charged by a surgeon for breast augmentation per procedure in the US. When choosing between surgeons based on costs make sure you do not sacrifice on quality, because saving a few hundred bucks and not getting a satisfied look is the last thing you probably want!

What is the surgery like?

After going through the different options and finally making the required decisions, the decisive moment is here, and you want to know how it feels. It takes place within 1-2 hours and is not painful at all. Each surgeon has his own preferences and techniques when it comes to breast augmentation, so make sure you have a clear expectation setting and take down the specifics of the procedure.

How long does recovery take?

Recovery used to be a big problem in the earlier days. Nowadays it is mostly 48-72 hours before complete recovery. You should check with your surgeon because every surgeon follows a different style and has a different guideline for recovery, just stick to it. A common guideline among several surgeons is that strenuous exercise should be stopped for 3-4 weeks following surgery.

How to Choose the Type of Breast Implant

There are several factors that must be taken into account when attempting to acquire breast implants. With breast implant surgery gaining considerable popularity over the past few years, a surprising number of people, while quick to account for matters of size and cost, have been known to forgo rumination upon one of the most important elements of breast implant surgery, that being the type of breast implants that will be utilized.

This consideration will not only affect the eventual aesthetic results but could play a role in the health risks and factors that might arise.

+Types of Breast Implants.

The breast implants argument will revolve around two primary categories of implants, these including:

-Saline Breast Implants:

These constitute the sort of saline solution one would find in an IV, contained within a silicone shell. FDA approved for women over the age of 18, saline implants are described as firm and uniform in shape and feel, and are considered quite safe, seeing as a leak within the shell and a collapse of the implant poses little threat to human health, the saline solution contained within most likely to be absorbed by the body and naturally expelled.

Saline implants can allow for the adjustment of breast size after the surgery.

+Silicone Breast Implants:

These constitute a silicone gel encased in a silicone shell or skin. Silicone breast implants are unsurprisingly popular, with the silicone gel mirroring natural tissue in texture and allowing for a feeling of natural breast tissue.

In case of a collapse, the silicone gel will either remain in the shell or escape into a provided socket; unlike saline implants, a leak within a silicone breast implant will not immediately elicit its collapse.

+How to choose the type of breast implant

Various considerations are taken into account when making a decision regarding the type of breast implant to utilize; and while the various attributes of individual humans will come into play, most decisions regarding implant will account for a fairly common set of matters:

-The question of image is important, taking into account the picture of your breasts you wish to craft, then considering the shape and even size.

-Many a woman will start at the frame of their bodies, keeping in mind that larger frames require larger implants. Many clinics offer trial implants, applicable through the bra and which will allow a woman the opportunity to envision the final outcome of the surgery.

-As accurate as cc numbers might seem, it is always more advisable to show your doctor the type and shape and size of the implant you want, this proving easier to describe your needs than utilizing cc measurements.

-Understanding the intricacies of the surgery might help your decision. Whereas saline implants involve the insertion of a bag into your body, within which saline is filled; silicone implants are inserted pre-filled. As such saline allows for easier customization post surgery, a simple matter of opening and closing the saline bag and controlling the amount of fluid within.

The silicone bag has to be replaced in case of changes when dealing with silicone implants.

-Keep in mind the contents of each implants; while saline implants are merely filled with water and should be absorbed harmlessly into the body in case of a leak, the gel in silicone implants can cause connective tissue damage if it leaks out of its shell.

-There are age restrictions on the utilization of implants, with saline standing at 18 years and above, while one has to exceed the age of 22 to consider silicone breast implants.

Most women will opt for silicone implants because they feel like natural breast tissue, whereas saline implants have been known to ripple, feeling more like water balloons than anything. They will also deflate rapidly in case of a leak whereas silicone implants can hold their shape for much longer even after a leak. Silicone implants will however cost considerably more.

And whichever decision one makes, the implants will have to undergo replacement after sometimes, the most fortunate lasting ten years.



Choosing the Size of Your Breast Implant

There are no hard and fast rules for choosing the size of a breast implant. There are, however, several factors that will help you select that size of implant that is right for you. These factors include the size of your chest wall, your shoulders and hips, your height and weight, the amount of breast tissue you already have, the thickness and elasticity of your skin, and perhaps most important, your personal preferences.

Input of Your Doctor

The best guide you can use to determine the size of breast implant you want is the input of your doctor. In most cases, a consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon will result in a selection that is best for you, but you should always remember that how to choose the size of a breast implant is ultimately up to you.

A good plastic surgeon will normally take many measurements during a consultation to select a range of implant sizes that might help you achieve the look you want. He might also present you with this range so that the final selection is yours and not his. However, it behooves you to listen to the doctor and take his advice. After all, he has not only his education, but his experience that you can take advantage of.

“Rice Breasts”

Another good method of deciding on a size of breast implant is what looks proportionate to your body. A good way to decide this is to look at pictures of other women who have a similar body size and type as you do. With this as a guide, you can select the size and fullness that you are hoping to achieve.

A good way to simulate this is to cut off the foot of a pair of pantyhose and fill it with rice of various amounts. Tie your “rice breast” off with a slip knot. Now, put on a sports bra or similar kind of bra that is stretchy and easy to slip your rice breast in and out of. By varying that sizes of breast you can get a good idea of what differing sizes will look like. You might even want to take these with you on your consultations with your doctor. Remember that showing beats telling any day of the week.

The Final Go-Ahead

Before you have any surgery, your doctor should sit down with you and verify everything that has been discussed up to this point. There’s nothing more disconcerting than to decide–at least in your own mind–that you want to become a “C,” and wake up from the anesthesia a “Double D.”

Your final consultation with you doctor or his representative will have to do with any post-op care and follow up you need. At this point it should be more confirmation than information, but going over everything again is never a bad idea.

As your doctor will discuss with you, when you wake up from the anesthesia there will be some swelling, so it will take time for your breasts to reduce into the size you have agreed to, but ideally this will be a situation where any surprise you have will be over how good you look.

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