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Facts about immigration and immigrants

People from third world countries and the less developed ones are often looking for a0520_immigration better chance of employment in developed countries like America, Germany, Norway and so on. Chances for success in this countries are often bigger than in other ones and that is what attracts middle class people. This immigration is often done in accordance with law, people apply for visas or enter the country temporarily without having to meet special requirements, however there is a big number of illegal immigrants especially today when the war is Syria is raging. Only America has about 11 million of illegal immigrants, out of this number 50% are Mexicans, number of Mexican immigrants is slowly lowering and number of Syrian immigrants is growing.immigration-660x350-1446097097

When their entrance in the country is in accordance with law, immigrants have a chance to become legal citizens of America and in other countries of course. Number of immigrants becoming legal citizens was approximately one million, only in 2011. Out of this new citizens closely 15% were Mexican, 8% Chinese and 6% make immigrants from India. Number of undocumented and unauthorized immigrants cannot even be expressed with certainty, but in America, during Obama’s government more than 2 million illegal immigrants was removed from the country. This removal may be the biggest success in solving the problem of immigration in the United States history.

immigration-blog-picPersons seeking a visa and a citizenship in another country have a priority if they are in some kind of relationship or marriage with a resident of that country.  If you have problem with visa, e2 visa lawyer las vegas can solve that. Having an refugee or asylum status also can help getting a visa, or if they have work skills that are currently needed in the country they want to move into.

Half of the immigrants that are granted the right to stay in a country for a certain period became legal permanent residents of the country in question simply by changing their status from limited to permanent. About 8% of the newly approved citizens are newborn children with direct relationship to an US citizen, young people make about 40% of the immigrants.